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Empathy Care24 offers personalised home care services that are customised to your specific requirements.

Our services vary from companionship and personal care to sophisticated care that requires the assistance of an expert. Our carers and support staff are dedicated to providing you with high-quality care and assistance that encourages independence, dignity, and choice.

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How our home care services make a difference

Our home care services make a major impact by offering support to those who need care in the comfort of their own homes. We believe that everyone deserves personalised care that is tailored to their specific requirements, and our services are intended to help individuals preserve their independence and stay in the comfort of their own homes while getting the care they need.
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Services we offer

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Who Benefits from Our Care?

People of all ages and backgrounds benefit from our services. We offer care that encourages independence and decreases the strain of care on family members, whether you need domiciliary care, respite care, or companionship.

Our services are also suitable for persons who wish to stay independent at home, are socially isolated, or are recuperating from an illness or accident.

Person-Centred Care

Our care services are tailored to your specific requirements, preferences, and choices. We believe in person-centred care, which means that we collaborate with you to develop a care plan that is tailored to your individual requirements. We communicate to keep you informed and active in all aspects of your care.

Funding your care

There are four main care funding options available to families: benefits entitlements, NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, local authority funding, and privately funded care. Let’s take a closer look at each.
Benefits Entitlements
Claiming all the benefits you’re entitled to can help pay for your care. Benefits are usually easy to apply for and are often not means-tested, so your income and savings are not taken into account. Examples include Attendance Allowance, Carer’s Allowance, Pension Credit, and Council Tax Reduction.


NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

If you have significant ongoing healthcare needs, you might be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, a free package of care that the NHS arranges and finances. Before recommending the level of care you should receive, an assessment determines your eligibility. This funding option is not means-tested, and you may be given a personal health budget to choose where and by whom you want to receive care.

Local Authority Funding

For hourly care or live-in care, local authority funding could help pay the costs. This option is means-tested, and how much you pay depends on your income and savings. You’re entitled to a care needs assessment and a financial assessment from your local authority to determine what kind of care and support would help you and how much you’re responsible for paying.

Privately funding care

Various options are available if you choose to finance your care privately, including immediate care plans and equity releases. Immediate Care Plans are tax-efficient financial policies designed to cover all or part of your care fees, while Equity Release enables you to raise capital, income, or a combination of both from your home while continuing to live in it.
Our team of professionals can provide guidance and advice on the most suitable funding options for your needs. It’s important to make informed decisions to achieve peace of mind that care fees will be covered in the future and to maintain financial independence, dignity, and choice of where you receive care.

Our Process

Reach out to us by filling out any of our contact forms or calling us to learn more about how we can assist you.

Inform us about your needs, and we'll guide you in choosing the best care package.

A carer will visit or move in with you to provide quality healthcare services.

We conduct regular monitoring and evaluation of our services to ensure that we are delivering the best quality of care.